Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Protect Your Business From Stolen Credit Cards.

I receive many different questions from my customers. One item I am seeing on the raise is the use of stolen credit cards.

Retail Merchant: when your customer presents a credit card, ask for an ID to verify it is their credit card. This will ensure it is not a stolen credit card. If the person owning the card has not yet reported it stolen, the (stolen) card could be used for several hours or even days. Also it is a good idea to have the terminal to prompt for the last four digits of the card after you have swiped the card thru the terminal. This is an additional fraud protection for your business.

Websites taking payments via a shopping cart: always have the gateway set for zip code match, also known as address verification (AVS) and always require the card code*.

Locating *Card Code:
Discover, Master Card & Visa have three numbers on the back.
American Express has a four-digit number on the front.

As a merchant, it is your responsibility to protect yourself against stolen credit cards. These tips will avoid the risk of a charge back.

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