Sunday, November 8, 2015

Visa & MasterCard Released October 2015 Interchange Updates

Just like in previous year the card association has updated or added some the interchange categories. See below.  This is all we could find that was changed.  What will almost certainly happen as in years past, many ISO and service providers will use this as a reason to charge you more.  With our interchange plus pricing arrangement, we do not charge you more for our processing.  Do you know how your processing company handles these changes?  

Miscellaneous Changes
• Business Standard transactions are now broken down into 3 categories based off of dollar amount.

New Categories
• Business Debit/Business Prepaid/Large Market-Healthcare (1.00% + $0.00)
• Business Debit/Business Prepaid/Large Market-Healthcare Maximum (0.00% + $5.00)

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Everything Too Good To Be True CAN For A Short Time

Scrapped after one year:

Our thoughts on this:

Subsidized pricing might work for a short time, but not forever. This is way Visa and MC work! There's no secrets, no special rates or double secret Interchange. You either make money or you do not. You cannot get any work-around to the pricing that they charge. Square will be the next to increase rates (after IPO).

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