Monday, March 14, 2011

Peter's Story - A Lesson For All

"Hi: I own Nails by Peter. I would like to relay a most unfortunate situation. Now looking back I made a costly time & money error regarding my merchant account.

In February 2009, I opened a merchant account with Ray. Six months later a rep from another company approached me about saving money by switching to his company. Ray spoke with me about making this change and he informed me that I would not save. I wish that I had listened to Ray - around seven months later I discovered that I had made a bad error in changing. I discovered my new merchant account was costing me more than my previous account with Ray.

I decided to close this new account & return to Ray's services. Altho I closed this higher costing account in May of 2010, I am still being charged fees, 8 months later. I've spent a huge amount of time & considerable stress in working to close out this account & stop the fees. Ray has even help me in to obtain refunds. How many people would do this?

My experience with Ray is that he is totally honest in his representations - so if you are approached by someone and you really think they can save you money - I strongly urge you to contact Ray for a second opinion/fair evaluation of any offers! Do not make the same mistake I did" - Peter

Thank you Peter for allowing us to share your story.