Saturday, December 26, 2009

Schemes Target Local Businesses

As a business owner you must be vigilant against taking credit cards that might be stolen. As I addressed this subject on this bog before it is worth mentioning again. In an article that appeared in the Tampa Bay Business Journey. See the link below. In my other posting it dealt mainly with retail type businesses where a business might deal face to face with the customer. In a telephone order environment, a company that could get an email or phone call to place an order, needs to be perhaps more vigilant. If you do not know the customer it or could be a new customer, always obtain all information you can. You need the full credit card number, expiration date, billing address with zip code, the card code. After running the transaction, if you find that you do not get a zip code match, you should be suspicious. In the industry the zip code is used to check for what is card an address verification match. Also known as “AVS”. Note it is not possible to have international cards use the AVS as overseas addresses do not use a zip code. However if you are given a card with a billing address in the US and it is shipping overseas then this is a give away that most likely a scam with a stolen credit card. If the card is decline and they keep giving you different cards to try until you get an approval is another give away. Another possible scenario they want to charge more on the card that what the order is for and you are send the difference to them is a scam.

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