Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Have A Professional In Your Corner?

When you need help with your taxes you most likely go to a CPA for help. When you need medical care you go to a M.D.  If you need legal help you will most likely turn to an attorney who has the designation of J.D. which stands for Juris Doctor.  Need help with investments; you might turn to a CFP.  It just makes sense to turn to a professional for the more important business and personal items in your life.  You can trust these professionals have the knowledge and expertise to deal with the complex issues in their field.  They also have pledged to a higher standard of code of ethical conduct.

Now in the credit card merchant processing field there is a professional designation.  It is called Certified Payments Professional (CPP). The first graduating class was in January 2012.  The CPP is awarded by The Electronic Transactions Association (ETA). 

By obtaining your payments processing solution from a CPP, you can be sure that your representative is knowledgeable about the products and services he recommends and has the expertise to recommend the best and most appropriate solution for your business.  Your CPP has made a significant personal commitment to his profession and has agreed to adhere to the ETA Code of Conduct.

Don’t just call anyone . . . call a CPP

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